Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Who needs to worry about terrorists when we have plenty of homegrown assholes?

Ever since the massacre at Virginia Tech, the bomb scares; school shootings; and suspicious packages have really gotten out of hand. Why worry about people from other countries scaring us, when we can do the job ourselves? I've had it up to here with this crap. We have one complete nut job kill and injure a bunch of people that didn't deserve it and so now every other asshole thinks they have a free pass to scare people. For instance, the jack ass at St. Edward's that couldn't just skip school like a normal person. He/She/It had to leave a note that shut the whole place down. Then there was the dummy at UT that thought it would be funny to shut down the library with a bomb threat. Jerk. Today, there was the asshole that left a suspicious package at the Austin Women's Health Center. Women that choose to get abortions don't leave suspicious packages at your house just because you don't agree with their choice. Get a life, dumbass. So for all of you people out there thinking about pulling a stunt like this, just don't do it. Mind your own damned business and worry about your own life instead causing everybody else a lot of trouble.


mad said...

OK, you talked me out of phoning in a phony threat at work so I could take an extended lunch break.

pineapple said...

But you know what would be more fun thana phony threat and a long lunch? Calling in to sing the Johnny Paycheck song. I have always dreamed of winning the lottery and calling my boss to sing Take This Job and Shove It!