Sunday, April 22, 2007


It just gives me a a warm and fuzzy feeling that a member of the Legion of Doom is on the downward spiral. But I am also getting a little impatient about the whole thing. Alberto, my old pal, even your Republican friends are ready for you to step down. We've had a good run. Hell, I even got a link from CNN out of the deal. But the song is at an end. You know, there is a slogan for a certain shoe company that is very appropriate -- just do it. Repeat after me... just-do-it.

The Attorney General is supposed to uphold and enforce the law. It is pretty clear that the American public thinks you just aren't living up to the job description. You know you've screwed up royaly when Newt Gingrich can recognize the bad act. So Al, let's all move on. You get a high paying job at some sleazy law firm and the president can nominate some other criminal to replace you until 2008. It it time to move on to the next scandal.

(Thanks to New York Times for the picture)


mad said...

I find it very odd that he spent all that time "preparing" for his testimony and then couldn't recall a damn thing. But it was rather brilliant strategy.

pineapple said...

If I fucked up that badly, I'd at least have the dignity to plea the 5th. That way I don't sound like an idiot for not remebering anything. But it was all worth it for the great photo op!