Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bring out the welcome wagon

Because we are so thrilled that Harriet Miers is coming back to Texas. She is going to be rejoining Locke Liddell & Sapp and splitting her time between Dallas and Austin. Whoopee. If I were still in high school, I might consider papering her house. Instead I will hold out the hope of seeing her in her car and giving her the bird.


mad said...

Aw c'mon, Pineapple. She seemed like a nice lady. Maybe a little befuddled. And way over her head. But nice. Like Elmer Fudd.

Mamacher said...

You are never too old to paper! Let's form a quorum and do it!! YAY! I haven't papered in ages, and since I'm on the back end of my 30's very near the 40, I need to do something to recapture my lost use.

pineapple said...

mad: you will recall that Elmer Fudd was always trying to kill Bugs. He may have been really stupid, but the intent was there.

mamacher: You're right. You are never to old to paper. We can do it, but only if we steal the toilet paper. It sounds a like a fun girls' night to me!