Tuesday, April 17, 2007

If you don't want to go to school today, please just skip

When I was in law school, we were required to attend class. If we missed too many days, we were automatically dropped from the class. That really limited how many days you could blow off going to class, but you could always take the chance of going unprepared and hope you didn't get called on. I was caught unprepared on several occasions. I survived. However, there was someone that wasn't willing to take that chance. My first year we all had contracts at the same time, but in two different classes. One class was on the first floor and one was on the third floor. At least once a week, the fire alarm would go off a minute or two before class. Naturally, the whole school had to be evacuated. By the time we were allowed to go back to class, there wasn't much time left. How lucky for that unprepared person! One day the fire alarm went off while I was in the elevator. As we were about to get to the third floor, the elevator stopped and started going down on its own. That was the last time I took the elevator.

Today, some enterprising student at St. Edward's University took this tactic a step further and left a threat to the school at a bathroom on campus. Apparently, it was some "nonspecific" threat and has caused the campus to be shut down for the day. After what happened at Virginia Tech yesterday, that is really, really low. Here's an idea -- if you don't feel like going to class, just skip like the rest of us. If you can't hack it at school, just drop out. Just leave everyone else out of your drama.


mad said...

I was editor of my college paper. It was like a get out of jail free card. The best mind produced by community college!

pineapple said...

That's how theater was for me in high school. My senior year, I often found that I needed to go to the theater to work on a show. That was code for: I need to take a nap on the couch in the green room.