Sunday, April 01, 2007

I have a question

After all of the times that Bush and others in his administration have been caught in a lie, does anyone really believe what Bush says anymore? And people that are brainwashed don't count. Now Bush is trying to tell me that Alberto Gonzales didn't do anything wrong and that there is no evidence that there was any monkey business behind the firing of those US Attorneys. Bush also asserts that Gonzales will "tell the truth." Often when people lie so much about something they believe that what they are saying is the truth. That does not count as telling the truth. You know what be really fun? To hook up all of those bastards to a lie detector machine.

And in the "yeah me" section of this posting, CNN has linked to my blog. If you want to know the buzz on Alberto Gonzales, you can just ask me. Wheeeeeeeee!


mad said...

Rats, I'm so jealous of your CNN link.

I believe everything Bush says. I mean, he is the president, and presidents would never lie. Heh.

pineapple said...

how random is that? I think its funny that I'm listed right under the huffington post.