Friday, April 27, 2007

Is it really OK for you to vote?

So Karl Rove had this genius plan to make sure people that don't agree with Republicans will have a harder time voting. He thought it would be a great idea to require another form of identification in addition to your government issued voter card. So Rep. Betty Brown and a number of other representatives have introduced House Bill 218 requiring an additional form of ID to exercise your right to vote. This bill is going before the Senate State Affairs Committee on Monday. I guess that special card that they give you that is just for voting isn't enough. Maybe they can require a second ID for when you get pulled over because your driver's license isn't good enough for driving.

Supporters of the bill claim that it prevents fraud. Their big example is that dead people voting is a huge problem in Texas. If you have a fake voter card issued to a dead person, then why wouldn't you have a fake driver's license to match? Besides, the people working at the poll don't have some master list of every dead voter in Texas. Basically, this bill will make it more difficult for the elderly and for minorities to vote. It is pretty clear that the Republican Party doesn't care what they think anyway. Go, Jim Crow.

If you oppose this bill, now is the time to let the members of the committee know. Call them and tell them that this bill violates your constitutional right to vote and places unecessary burdens on voters who are already legally registered.

Chair Robert Duncan - (512) 463-0128
Vice Chair Tommy Williams - (512) 463-0104
Sen. John Carona - (512) 463-0116
Sen. Rodney Ellis - (512) 463-0113
Sen. Troy Fraser - (512) 463-0124
Sen. Chris Harris - (512) 463-0109
Sen. Mike Jackson - (512) 463-0111
Sen. Eddie Lucio, Jr. - (512) 463-0127
Sen. Leticia Van de Putte - (512) 463-0126


mad said...

I thought that shit --- requiring ID to vote -- was already against the law. Dead voters must be the new disenfranchised.

pineapple said...

Like passing unconstituional laws has ever stopped a Republican. But, I guess my heart really goes out the the dead voters. I mean, what if they don't get to vote the way they want to???