Thursday, April 26, 2007

Texas wants to save your marriage

I am so happy that our legislature is doing really important things. Our lawmakers are really concerned about marriage. I guess they have lots of time to worry about this because all of our schools are properly funded, everyone in Texas has access to health care, and we all have jobs because our economy couldn't be better. Yeah, right.

For instance, the Texas Senate has decided that Texans don't take marriage seriously enough. They have passed a bill that will make couples seeking a no-fault divorce to wait an extra 30 days. Well, doesn't that protect the sanctity of marriage or what? I don't know what this will really fix. Are they hoping this will force more people to seek fault divorces. The only people that will help are the lawyers because they are more involved cases and they can rack up the billable hours. It doesn't help people or their children to drag out a divorce with proving how shitty the other person was as a husband or wife.

Rep. Warren Chisum (R-Pampa) has a House bill that takes it even further. He wants to require a two-year waiting period for a divorce with the option to bypass the waiting period by taking a 10-hour counseling class over two days. This class only costs about $450 per person. What a deal! If you get the counseling then you only have wait 6 months to get that person you hate out of your life for good. There is an exception for abuse and domestic violence. Wasn't that thoughtful? Chisum's reasoning for the waiting period is absolutely outstanding. He says, "We have a reason for the extension of the waiting period, because we have scientific evidence that in people who get infatuated with another person, that infatuation supposedly works its way out in 14 months. So there is still a chance there you can restore the marriage." Sounds like solid scientific fact to me. Words like "supposedly" really hit the facts home, don't they?

Not that I've ever been married, but when I break up with someone I am done. If someone cheated on me, I really wouldn't give a shit if they were over their infatuation with other person in 14 months. But I am so glad that lawmakers are looking out for my best interests.


mad said...

Heh, in the meantime you can buy a gun almost immediately.

pineapple said...

and that, my friend, is the quickest way to end a marriage in any state.