Tuesday, April 17, 2007

When fact and fiction collide

In light of the events at VT, Fox has decided to pull the new episode of Bones so that it won't offend or upset anyone. Apparently, this Fox show has a plot that is too closely related to reality. For those of you that don't watch Bones, the story centers around a forensic anthropologist and an FBI agent that solve murders from bones they find out in the world. In this week's episode they find some bones underneath some bleachers on a college campus. They soon discover that the bleachers did not kill this person and, thus, the mystery ensues. In my mind, the similarity stops with the fact that it involves a college student. I don't see how a fictitious murdered college basketball player is like a real sniper murdering real people. But what do I know?

This isn't the first show featuring David Boreanaz that has been preempted because fiction collided with reality. After Columbine, two episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer had to be rescheduled. I can see why the WB delayed “Earshot.” This is the episode when Jonathon goes up the clock tower to assemble a rifle presumably to kill the other high school students. Buffy discovers that someone wants to kill everybody at school and it isn’t until Buffy stops Jonathan that we find out he only wanted to commit suicide. It was actually the lunch lady that planned to kill the whole school by poisoning the food. In light of Columbine, the WB also delayed “Graduation Day, Part Two” because a lot of people thought it was wrong to show a bunch of school kids that were armed with guns and other weapons. I thought this was a little extreme. Personally, I would want a weapon if the Mayor was speaking at graduation and I knew that he going turn into a giant snake demon and eat me.

So all of this leads me to ask, can shows starring David Boreanaz predict the future?


mad said...

Who would've thought Fox has a conscience? I guess what I'd like to know: This stuff happens in real life. Why do we need it on TV too?

pineapple said...

If we didn't have it on TV then we couldn't blame as many of our bad acts on others???