Thursday, April 26, 2007

I can't help it, but Idol keeps giving back

In a post from yesterday, I admitted that I have a bad TV show addiction. For those of you that don't have this same problem, you missed the big duet! It isn't everyday that Celine Dion and Elvis sing together. Of course, there are many good reasons for this. Unfortunately, this clip cuts off before the best part (like Celine and Elvis singing together isn't enough!). After the big number, Ryan Seacrest mentions that this "tween" in the audience didn't understand what was going on. Was it because she didn't believe in Elvis enough to see him or that she just didn't know who he is? It is really hard to say. Thanks to the Elvis estate we get to see things like this:


mad said...

Wow, that was pretty clever. To be completely honest, I lost interest in AI when they knocked Sanjay off.

pineapple said...

That will learn you to stop watching the Idol. See what you missed? What could possibly be next???