Monday, January 30, 2006

quote of the day

"We have not succeeded in answering all of your problems. The answers we have found only serve to raise a whole set of new questions. In some ways we feel we are as confused on a higher level and about more important things."

I don't' know where this quote originally comes from, but I read this on the wall at the title company in Lavaca County. If you are a lawyer, you know exactly what they are talking about.

the new world

Idiots/critics are calling it "the best romantic epic since 'Titanic'"! Let me tell you, there is nothing more romantic than a story about a bunch of guys invading a new land and killing off the indigenous people with their guns and diseases.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

oprah is so sorry

So, she feels really bad for sticking up for a liar. James Frey wrote a book that was mostly fiction that he called a memoir and The Smoking Gun (TSG) busted his sorry ass. Frankly, it sounds like a crappy book about a junkie -- just gets me all warm and fuzzy thinking about that. I didn't know that Oprah used to be a using criminal but I guess so since she said that the book resonated with her. Maybe if she had been paying attention to what she read, she wouldn't have gotten backed into a corner. Sounds like some of the passages in that book were nothing short of ridiculous and were obvious bullshit. Once TSG called bullshit (with the court documents to prove it), she should have been all "ding, ding, ding! this book is full of shit!" Instead, she called Larry King to tell the world that she still believed Frey's book was non-fiction. Apparently, you don't have to have common sense to make a fortune.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

kung pao google

The people over at Google just can't make all of the people happy all of the time. Bush wants them to hand over information about what people have been searching for. People are getting their panties in a wad because the Chinese don't want their citizens to know about things like Taiwan's independence and the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre and Google is playing along. I guess it boils down to a few things that define what Google is doing. First, we have laws that protect things like our civil liberties, free speech, and privacy in the US. While Baby Boy Bush may not recognize this, Google seems to for the time being. Besides, with all of the secret wire tapping and whatnot, people might start using other search engines if Google agreed to play along with the government. That's just not good for business. When it comes to the Chinese, it is a different ball game. China does not afford its citizens the same protections that are now being stripped away in this country. They like to censor information and imprison people that don't agree with their government. Google is a business. They can either stay out of a large and very lucrative market or play by their rules. So do you play ball or forget about the millions of dollars to be made in that market? I guess that's really up to Google's shareholders. I guess that for now, I'm glad that Google isn't divulging information to the government that is none of their business and feel sad that the citizens of China live in a censored world.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

operation clean streets

So, yesterday the cops started "Operation Clean Streets". They are going to "clean up" East Austin. I have a lot of faith in that plan since the cops are so squeaky clean themselves. It would be nice if they really could get rid of the crack heads in my neighborhood. But highly unlikely. I've been feeling a little sketchy about my 'hood since my sweetheart got mugged on the way home last week. And even more so when I saw him almost get run over by a cop the night before last. So according to this big plan they are going to board up the empty house to keep the crackheads and prostitutes out. Then they are going to get rid of the abandoned cars to cut down on theft. At least the cops will have something to do. I will keep you posted as to how clean my streets get.

is anybody out there?

So, in December this blog was getting more and more hits. Now that its the New Year, my readership has dropped off. Well, that's not exactly true. People have stopped coming. So, basically I'm writing to nobody. I'm just wondering, did everybody make a New Year's resolution to stop reading blogs. I read on the Tres-Chicas blog that their readership was down too. If that's the case, then what are you people doing at work to kill time? Soduku puzzles?

Monday, January 23, 2006

taints and other newsy things

So, a lot has been going on in the world. Osama bin Laden is releasing new tapes (or so they say). How am I supposed to know its really him? I don't recognize his voice. My mom said she can't wait because this time he is going to attack us in our homes. But really, why should we give a shit? Ever since the attacks in 2001, he has been all talk, no walk. I'm quaking in my boots, so asshole that has been hiding in caves for 4 years is coming to my house to get me. Oooooooh, I'm so scared.

What is way scarier, is Alito. That asshole is about to be confirmed to the Supreme Court and he will spend the rest of his life stripping away my right to privacy and my civil liberties. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? I don't understand how someone so boring can get so far. His opening story about how he got there should have been enough for the judiciary committee to send him packing. I can't wait to read some long-winded legal opinion he's written about how I don't deserve any civil liberties.

And speaking of civil liberties... Now King George wants to check out what my fellow Americans have been Googling. Or maybe what I have been Googling. I'm glad I'm not a data miner. How boring. Listening to countless phone calls about everyday boring shit that people talk about, reading emails that don't really say anything, and finding out what crappy books people have checked out from the library (or in the alternative, how large their library fines are). Now they can pretend they know what you are up to only if Google would just release their records to the government for more random spying and civil liberties violations. Just to set the record straight, I haven't been able to check out any books from the library for months because I haven't gotten around to paying off my $5.75 fine and the last thing I searched on Google was to find out how to repair my fish tank that sprang a leak. Sounds like a national security threat to me...

It's official, D.C. has a taint. I always knew that it was full of assholes and dicks. If you haven't watched the clip from the Daily Show, please click here. I could never do this story justice. It just taint going to happen.

But the biggest, most earth shattering event is the prospect of the Buttafuocos and Amy Fisher reuniting to hash it all out on TV. I just can't wait.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Attention Parents: Nickelodeon didn't make your kids fat

You did it. Suing Nickeloedon and Kellogg for causing your kids to have a fat ass is ridiculous. When I was growing up, there were lots of commercials for sugar laden cereals and candy on TV every Saturday morning. I was not fat as a child. My parents didn't buy that crap and they made me go outside to play. When my dad took me to the grocery store, I saw all those junky things that were on the television. He just told me I couldn't have that crap. And that was that. I did not control my parents. So, all you parents out there take control of the situation. Tell your kids that can't have that shitty cereal with Sponge Bob on it, make them turn off the TV and the video games, and put them in the backyard to play and run around.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

myspace still sucks

So, I got locked out of my myspace account over two months ago. I sent complaint email after complaint email to no avail. So, last week I got a canned response from them. First, it was instructions on how to log in. Well, that didn't solve my problem so, as per the email, I replied stating that didn't solve my problem. Next I got an email with instructions on how to upload images. That really didn't help. I know how to do that, but I can't even if I wanted to because I am still locked out of my account. Then I got two more emails telling me how to upload images and one telling me how to upload music. After repeated emails, today I got instructions on how to log in again. At this point, I have really given up on myspace. After the big lock out, I considered started another profile. But why? So it can happen again? So I can continue to get hundreds of friend requests from two inoperable accounts? Fuck that. I think I will stick to my crappy blog that no one reads, at least it hasn't locked me out...yet.

my hero for the day

Who would have thought that one of the most progressive drug treatment centers in the world would be in Iran? I sure didn't. I guess its only a mater of time before the government pulls the plug on that operation. Frankly, I think its a simple yet brilliant idea to put a methadone clinic and a needle exchange in the same place. The people in recovery see how bad the junkies look and the junkies see how good the people in recovery look. Learning by example is a basic and universal way for humans to learn something. If you think about the things you've learned (i.e. how to use a fork, tie your shoes, etc.) it was because someone showed you. I am a big fan of ideas that are brilliant because they are so simple. So my hero for the day is Dr. Bijan Nassirimanesh.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

today sucked, just like the past 5 days

there really isn't any other way to describe it. I spent 10 hours working on some bullshit that should have taken 2 or 3 hours. And yet. So, then I come home to a house full of people after repeated promises that there would not be. Then I had a crappy dinner -- my soulmate made me a fucking ham fold over sandwich when he knows I do not eat ham. So once I picked it off, I was left with a top side of the bun covered in mayo and garlic. Its like the Survivor diet except with worse food. Maybe I should put in an application. After all, I've only eaten a taco and half a bun. Its like I'm in training or something. I just need to practice climbing ropes and throwing sticks with a hunger headache... That just leaves the unexpected out of town guest crashed out on my couch. ( See above for promise that there wouldn't be people here when I got home.) Since the couch is in the living room, the choices where I can go in my house is really fucking limited. In here with the computer, which really isn't all that great since I've stared at a monitor most of the day or in my room like I'm grounded or some shit. All and all, very frustrating and infuriating. Why can't I come home and stretch out on my couch in my pj's and watch lost at the end of a hard day? Oh yeah, because my life sucks.

Monday, January 09, 2006

let the award season begin!

Since I heard that Jon Stewart is hosting the Oscars, it made it more likely that I might actually watch them this year. However, the jury is still out on that one. But I am very dissapointed that I missed the Adult Video News (AVN) Awards . I didn't know that they were happening. Of course, I didn't watch any of the nominated movies so it would have been lost on me. But its always nice to see people getting the recognition that they deserve for excellence in their field.

Friday, January 06, 2006

when does pat roberston get the smote?

Pat Roberston is back on his judgmental soap box. How he knows what God does and does not like and why some evil people get the Smote is beyond me. What would alarm me is being in agreement with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. You really need to take a look at what your views are when you fall in line with radicals like that. But I guess there is no accounting when God talks to you directly.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

four years old pose a serious threat to national security

Or so says the idiots that came up with the no-fly list. Apparently, the notorious four year yold, Edward Allen of Houston, Texas is a danger to us all and should not be allowed to fly. There is nothing that scares me more than letting a four year old go to New York to see his Grandma. How can national security survives such threats? It is just a matter of time before the four year olds all get on airplanes and destroy what little that still exists of democracy.

i love them longhorns

and now they are the national champions!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

And now the Republicans find out that they are not above the law...

Jack Abramoff has been a busy, busy little bee the past few days. Making deals with the government and pleading guilty to various charges. Can the government really be building a case against the Republicans that think they are above the law? We can only hope. In the mean time we can watch Tom DeLay squirm because for the first time since the eighties, he is being challenged by a Democrat that has name recognition. Oh yeah, and Abramoff probably had to turn over his goods on DeLay to the government.

to the 5 people that read this blog...

Happy New Year!