Thursday, January 12, 2006

myspace still sucks

So, I got locked out of my myspace account over two months ago. I sent complaint email after complaint email to no avail. So, last week I got a canned response from them. First, it was instructions on how to log in. Well, that didn't solve my problem so, as per the email, I replied stating that didn't solve my problem. Next I got an email with instructions on how to upload images. That really didn't help. I know how to do that, but I can't even if I wanted to because I am still locked out of my account. Then I got two more emails telling me how to upload images and one telling me how to upload music. After repeated emails, today I got instructions on how to log in again. At this point, I have really given up on myspace. After the big lock out, I considered started another profile. But why? So it can happen again? So I can continue to get hundreds of friend requests from two inoperable accounts? Fuck that. I think I will stick to my crappy blog that no one reads, at least it hasn't locked me out...yet.

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