Thursday, January 26, 2006

oprah is so sorry

So, she feels really bad for sticking up for a liar. James Frey wrote a book that was mostly fiction that he called a memoir and The Smoking Gun (TSG) busted his sorry ass. Frankly, it sounds like a crappy book about a junkie -- just gets me all warm and fuzzy thinking about that. I didn't know that Oprah used to be a using criminal but I guess so since she said that the book resonated with her. Maybe if she had been paying attention to what she read, she wouldn't have gotten backed into a corner. Sounds like some of the passages in that book were nothing short of ridiculous and were obvious bullshit. Once TSG called bullshit (with the court documents to prove it), she should have been all "ding, ding, ding! this book is full of shit!" Instead, she called Larry King to tell the world that she still believed Frey's book was non-fiction. Apparently, you don't have to have common sense to make a fortune.

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