Thursday, June 29, 2006

Warren Buffett is evil for giving away money

At least that's what some religious nutjobs are saying because the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation give money to (gasp!) Planned Parenthood and international birth control programs. According to the Catholics he has to repent because he is going to go to hell for giving money to them. Of course, they told him that in the 1990s when he spend millions on researching R-U-486.

What would be really nice is if someone could give those types of organizations enough money so they don't have to rely on federal money and the religious strings that come with it. Imagine a world where you can get birth control (and learn how to use it correctly) and have access to abortions. Wouldn't that be better than single moms living off of welfare and struggling to keep their kids fed and clothed and preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS (not mention other sexually transmitted diseases)? These simple things can help people lead healthier, happier and more productive lives.

My other favorite thing is that at his press conference, reporters kept asking why he didn't give the money to his kids instead. His response: his kids should make their own way in life and he had already given them enough money (they are already in the top 1% wealth bracket). Besides, its his money and he can do whatever the hell he wants to with it.

It is really hard to believe that such a charitable act can make you and sinner and a bad father. Shouldn't we all be happy that he is giving money to a foundation that wants to fight disease and poverty?

My opinion? Warren Buffett is a bad ass.

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