Thursday, June 22, 2006

All work and no play makes Pineapple a dull girl

First, I'd like to start with a traveling tip. Before you go to sleep make sure some idiot hasn't set the alarm to go off at 5:00 am. That really sucked. Other than the unexpected alarm, Sinton prooved to be just as boring today as it was yesterday. That place is just not a good place to visit. I can't wait to go back because I know I will. Let the boredom begin.

The drive to Victoria was quick and I always love to go to Nolan Ryan's birthplace. For all you non-Astro fans, that would be Refugio. Not the prettiest town, but the people are friendly.

As for Victoria, I would suggest just skipping it all together if possible. No offense to the people that like to live there, but it was awful. You get downtown and think what a nice place. The square has lots of old buildings with cute cafes and shops. Seems nice enough. If you do go there, I would strongly suggest never asking anyone for directions as the people there don't know the difference between left and right. They also have no idea what the streets are named. Next, don't leave the downtown square because the rest of Victoria is made up of run down strip malls. It was once a beautiful town. You can tell by the old houses surrounding the downtown area, but then "progress" happened.

After leaving Victoria somewhere before Wharton, I saw a sign that said "Free Samples." No hint of what kind of samples or where you might get them. Something to ponder.

The next place of any interest was Tom DeLay's hometown -- Sugar Land! What a crap ass place that is. Strip malls and big box stores. It is a place with no soul. No wonder he moved to Virginia. But if he still lived in Sugar Land it would have been tempting to put a burning bag of shit on his doorstep.

Now I am in Houston. I really hate this place. Nothing but traffic. It is just one big crowded freeway and everybody is always in the wrong fucking lane. The other thing is, people just abandon their cars in the middle of the freeway. What the hell is that? At least I get to go home tomorrow. However, its back to Houston on Sunday for another marathon work week and a sweep across Texas. It never ends.


Only Grrrl said...

Girlfriend--OK--Your travel shecule is officially shittier than mine. At least i only go to "major metorpolitan cities," and I manage to work in visit with my sweetie...

I've been in Houston since Wednesday and am heading to SA this morning.

Mom wants ot know if you'll stop by on Sunday. And she has offered for you to stay at Club Katy.

I miss you! I'll call soon--hugs--Brassie

pineapple said...

What do you mean? I have a whole day in Austin...

I'd love to drop in at Club Katy on my way back to Houston. Finally something to look forward to!

Miss you too!