Thursday, June 22, 2006

I miss Lloyd Doggett

Before Tom DeLay fucked over Texas with his fabulous redistricting plan, Lloyd Doggett was my representative. But after the new redistricting plan, Austin was divided into four sections that sweep across Texas in all kinds of strange and illogical ways. So now you can live in East Austin and share a district with people in Kenedy. People that live in downtown Austin don't really share thesame concerns. Our government really lives up to the promise of representation. So illegal.

Anyway, I just came across this bad ass video of him speaking on the House floor. I'm on the fence about the so-called death tax just because it doesn't seem right to tax someone multiple times for the same money (i.e. when you earn it, then when you invest it, and then when you die and you still have it). But he makes some really good points about how fucked up the republicans are as far as their never ending tax cuts for the rich. Usually, when I post a video, it makes my page all wonky. I just don't care.

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