Monday, June 26, 2006

So we wait until Wednesday

There were rumors that the Supreme Court would release the ruling on redistricting today, but no. Wednesday is the next ruling day so we wait a little longer to see if they agree that what Tom DeLay did was illegal.

Speaking of Tom DeLay, there is some interesting maneuvering in his federal case in Austin. Tommy sent a draft letter to the Texas GOP chairwoman about the differences between withdrawing from the race (which he has done) and being named ineligible to run (because he moved to Virginia after the primary). Then he sent the so-called final draft. Tommy couldn't explain to the judge why he did that. Judge Sam Sparks is fed up with Tommy's shit. Once DeLay finished testifying, Sparks explained he could either leave or stay for the rest of the proceedings. "My recommendation is to run like a rabbit," Sparks quipped. I love Judge Sparks.

It sounds like DeLay is trying to get his withdrawal from the race changed to being named ineligible to run. What does this mean for the November ballot in lovely Sugar Land? Possibly a horrible precedent for candidate swapping when a candidate thinks they can't win the general election.

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mad said...

And DeLay considers himself and other like-minded assholes true patriots. Huh.