Friday, June 09, 2006

More news on "One Goofy Grandma"

So, the opponents of Carole Four Names (or is it five?) have had some choice words to say about her ballot request. Basically, everyone running for governor thinks she has lots her marbles. Although no one has said that outright. But if she gets her way, we can change the other candidate's names too: Kinky "Jewish Cowboy" Friedman; Rick "My Hair is Better than Yours" Perry; and Chris "No One Knows Who I Am" Bell.

In Texas, you may use your nickname on the ballot if you have been known by that name for more than three years and it is not a political slogan. Out of all of the nicknames that I've heard about ole what's her name, not one of them has been "Grandma." It is simply a play on her slogan that she is "One Tough Grandma."

If she is so worried about name recognition, maybe she should just stop changing her name. She always keeps the "Keeton" part of her name because everybody liked her daddy (Page Keeton, a former Dean of the University of Texas Law School). Maybe next time she has an inkling to change her name (or a divorce, or remarries) she should just become Carole Keeton. Or better yet, retire from politics so we don't have to figure out what name she has this election.


mad said...

And here all along I thought California politicos were, how can I put this delicately, fucken crazy.

pineapple said...

Its only June, things are just geting started. Carole Four Names and Kinky will be certified to be on the ballot by the end of the month. After that, the mud and the insanity should slinging at a rapid pace. By the fall, things should be completely out of control. I can't wait.