Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

So I'm back in lovely Houston for the next three nights. By day, stuck in a small room with boxes and boxes of files. By night, the Best Western. High class living for me.

Since I have been through numerous small town and since it is Sunday here are some fun religious signs I have seen lately:

On a sign right by the cemetery: "We have a place for you"

On highway 71: "Read the Bible. It will scare the HELL out of you."

Cuero city limits: "Jesus is King of Cuero"

I really need a camera...



mad said...

Yeah, you probably could do a whole different blog based just on weird signs. That guy Hey-sus gets around cuz wasn't he the king of somewhere else?

pineapple said...

It was either him or Elvis. Sometimes I get those guys confused.