Thursday, June 08, 2006

One less Republican in Travis County

I wish I had picked this up sooner, but we have a new Democrat Judge in Travis County. The Honorable Julie Kocurek, appointed by then Governor George W. Bush, has switched parties. The story came out on Wednesday and she made a formal announcement on Thursday.

Judge Kocurek was appointed to a newly created criminal district court in 1999 and even managed to beat a Democrat in the 2000 election. She ran unopposed in 2004. I never could figure out why the Democrats didn't find someone to run against her. W appointed one other Republican judge to a Travis County court while he was governor and that judge was handily defeated when his term expired.

But this switch in parties, as does any switch, makes you wonder why the change. I know that it is hard business to be a Republican in Travis County. But Judge Kocurek has done a good job as a judge. I think she could win re-election in 2008. It wouldn't be easy, but could be done. It made me wonder if she comes from a long line of Republicans and always though she should be one too and now she is coming out of the closet. Or maybe she just likes her job and this is the best way to keep it.

But whatever the reason for the change, Judge Kocurek is no longer the only Republican judge in Travis County. And that is cause for celebration!


mad said...

Too bad that won't happen among the Supremes. It would very funny if Scalia woke up one day and said, "Hey, I think I'll become a bleeding-heart liberal."

pineapple said...

Do you think if that did happen, that Thomas would follow in his footsteps since he always thinks what Scalia tells him to?

mad said...

Ha, I wonder if those two hold hands in chambers.