Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Today is 6/6/6

As we all know 666 is the number of the beast. So does that mean that today is a Satanic kind of day? Make of it what you will, but as far as I'm concerned it is just another Tuesday. Of course, lots of people doing things in "honor" of today: the movie The Omen comes out today, Ann Coulter is releasing a new book (maybe I should rethink that satanic thing...) and today is The National Day of Slayer. But one my favorite things (even though you can never have too much Slayer) is that people are actually betting on whether or not the world is going to end today. So if you win your bet that the world is going to end today, how exactly do you collect your winnings? Just a thought...


Raven Shields said...

Just another day. Means nothing to me. And acutually this sequence of numbers came up on these dates also, 06-06-1906, 06-06-1806 etc. Plus the calender has been changed so most liekly this isn;t in all reality 06-06-06. Rmemeber also that other parts of the world are already a day ahead of us so it is just fear and hype by Christianity. I'm going to focus on positivity and helping our planet from being destroyed by humans. :o)

mad said...

I guess I lost my bet about the world ending. Dang, still here.