Friday, June 09, 2006

Grandma? Really?

I was in the car this morning and heard on the radio that Carole Four Names wants to be listed on the ballot as: "Carole Keeton Grandma Strayhorn" on this November's ballot. No kidding. She says it is because that's how Texans know her. Seems like she's gone from "One Tough Grandma" to "One Delusional Grandma." So, with the addition to Grandma, do I have to call her Carole Five Names now? Its just too confusing. Until this morning I thought anyone would be better than Pretty Boy Perry. Now that she has taken her craziness public, I wouldn't trust her to hold my gum wrapper let alone run my state. I'm so glad she's the Comptroller -- its always good to have a lunatic in charge of the money.

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