Tuesday, June 13, 2006

J.R. has already been shot, don't do it again

At first, the talk was that they were not going to film the movie version of "Dallas" in Dallas at all. Now they have decided it might be a good idea to film part of the movie there. After reading the article, I think they should just scrap the whole idea. They have cast John Travolta as J.R. and Jennifer Lopez as Sue Ellen. Way to destroy a good TV show with what will certainly be a shitty movie. Hopefully, they can cast the rest of the parts with Canadians and Yankees so they can all have really bad accents. Actors seem to think that all Southern accents sound the same. They don't. In fact, you can tell what part of Texas someone is from just by their accent alone. My advice, if you have a hankering to watch J.R. and the rest of the Ewing clan just rent the DVD of the real deal.

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mad said...

Travolta and J-Lo. That is freakin weird casting, even for something like Dallas. Though I admit I guess I was the only one in America who didn't see it when JR got shot.