Sunday, September 14, 2008

RIP Ruthie The Duck Girl

I was sad to find out today that Ruthie passed away last week at age 74 from cancer. In her prime, Ruthie would roller skate through New Orleans' French Quarter from bar to bar with her ducks in tow. You never knew if she would sweet talk you out of a drink or let you know what a foul mouth she had. It was always always fun to watch her in action no matter what her moos was that day. She often wore a ratty fur coat or sometimes a wedding gown as she skated around. Apparently, they checked her into a nursing home shortly after I left New Orleans in 1999. It is always sad to see a true character like that pass away.


mad said...

I guess she was one of the last French Quarter characters? I was reading about her today.

pineapple said...

it is still full of characters, just not so many of the genuine variety.