Friday, September 12, 2008

Flee or Die

That is basically what they told the residents of Galveston that if they don't evacuate that they would die. So naturally, only 40% of the population left. I guess this is kind of like the Alamo but with water. So far, half of the island is under water and shit is catching fire. And the storm hasn't even hit yet. Seems pretty dire to me. The predicted 20 foot storm surge is going to put the island under water and then flood several cities inland. But Texans are crazy -- we don't leave our homes even if it means we are going to die.

But as crazy as Texans may be, the newscasters on CNN are even more stupid. Anderson Cooper was reporting live from Houston. First, I'd like to point out that if the people of Houston just think about rain too much, it will flood. So he was smartly telling Wolf that the main concern is wind. As I'm still baffled about this answer, old Wolf poses the profound question to Cooper about whether all of those high rises in downtown Houston have shutters. What? Please insert a smart ass answer of your choice here. You know something like, "Yes, Wolf and as you can see they are frantically putting shutters on some of the country's tallest buildings as we speak. We all know that high rise buildings always keep their shutters in the basement for these kinds of emergencies." It just proves that there really are stupid questions.

Of course they didn't limit their stupidity to Ike. They also announced shortly before my time on the treadmill was up that Barack Obama would be speaking soon and that they anticipated that he would be speaking out against Hurricane Ike. Huh? I'm sure he was going to really condemn that damn storm. They live in a stupid, stupid world in CNN land.

Since I rarely felt the need to speed up, increase the incline, or extend my time on the treadmill; I guess that CNN's reporting on Ike comes in very low on the scale of things that are good for my Ass.


mad said...

Dang, Pineapple -- how often do you workout? You must be in great shape!

pineapple said...

uh huh, that's it. and the fact that I used to travel to places that featured Dairy Queen as the best place to eat did only good things to my ass.