Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Palin of Spain Falls Mainly on McCain

Did you know that Spain is apparently in Latin America? And that McCain won't commit to meeting with the Prime Minister of Spain? You know, one of our few remaining allies? In an interview with a Spanish media outlet, he seemed awfully confused about where Spain might be located and he never really answered the question about meeting with Zapartero. Instead he started talking about only meeting with people that are friendly to us and are in Latin America. He also talked a little about Mexico. I guess you can't expect much from people that are supported by people that call people "rednecks". You could use "the googles" and listen to the whole interview, or just read this excerpt and really get a grasp on the interview:

INTERVIEWER: OK, what about Europe? I'm talking about the president of Spain.

McCAIN: What about me what?

INTERVIEWER: Ok, are you willing to meet with him if you are elected president?

McCAIN: I am willing to meet with any leader who is dedicated to the same principles and philosophy that we are for human rights, democracy and freedom, and I will stand up to those who are not.

Mayor McCheese's camp responded by saying that he meant to answer the question like that. I guess his keepers don't know where Spain is either.


Nervana said...

As McCain gets whiter and whiter, and more of him drains away, we can expect his confusion to expand. He's planning a tour soon of Central America, Spanish translators needed......he just means Oklahoma, or "somewhere thereabouts". scary.

mad said...

Europe, Latin America, they're all the same! Commies!

pineapple said...

nervana: If it ain't in this country we don't need to know about it, right?

mad: exactly!