Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dirty, Unnecessary Lies

At this point, my level of disgust has reach new, unprecedented heights. It is a real shame that my migraine has kept me from the gym for the past few days. My ass would be so small if I could have worked out! You know, Baby Boy Bush and his "bailout" just weren't bad enough. The thought of giving him another blank check is enough to give me a brain aneurysm.

Next, we were subjected to Sarah Palin attempting to get foreign affairs experience by meeting with world leaders. The content of those conversations basically amounted to how pretty she is. No wonder they wanted to keep the reporters out and only let the photographers in. At this point, she has only shown us that she and Condi are really good at the matching chair photo op thing.

But the real low(so far this week)? Lying to David Letterman. What the hell is that about, Mayor McCheese? You say you are suspending your campaign and flying immediately to Washington. So what do you do? Meet with your new redneck-hating pal (Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild), not to mention few other political appearances in NYC, and then you give an interview to Katie Couric at the same time you had been scheduled to be on Letterman. I'm sure that this is exactly how you suspend a campaign when you use the John McCain definition of "suspend". It seems that his poor academic record is taking its toll because the Mayor is completely unaware of the the plain language meaning of basic words (like "fundamentals" and "suspend" for starters). But I have some advice (other than buying a fucking dictionary): stop telling lies, Pinocchio, because your nose is growing! And in case you missed it, here is David Letterman:


Nervana said...

Letterman should've just run a Casper cartoon in mccain's absence.

mad said...

Maybe he'll bug outta the debate too. Obama would get all the air time to himself.

pineapple said...

nervana: but the thrashing he gave him was so funny!

mad: oh! to dream! looks like it is on unless he breaks a fingernail or something