Thursday, September 04, 2008

McCain and Pineapple

Occasionally, I like to obsess about how many people are not finding my blog on the internet. I admit that I have a fantasy that one day my blog will be widely read and much loved by my fans and much hated by my detractors. Without fail, I find that people do some strange searches that lead them to my blog. But certainly not enough to fulfill my fantasy of internet popularity. While it makes perfect sense that a search for "McCain & pineapple" would lead here, it doesn't explain why that was Googled to begin with. I would love to believe that there is some fantastic word of mouth thing going on where something like this happens:

hip & super smart blog reader says, "hey have you heard about the pineapple report?"

friend of hip & super smart blog reader says," no. what's that all about?"

hip & super smart blog reader says, "it is a way cool blog written by this super smart pineapple. she's always making fun of John McCain and it is hilarious! you should check it out."

friend of hip & super smart blog reader says,"I am so going to read that blog when I get home!"

of course by the time friend of hip & super smart blog reader gets home they are all like, "shit! what was the name of that cool blog I heard about today?" and then the aforementioned episode on Google ensues.

Obviously, the people that would read my blog don't have iPhones or this could never happen this way.


Nervana said...

what's an Iphone??????

pineapple said...

an iPhone is an expensive and unnecessary gadget that white people like. You can email, text, IM, surf the web, listen to music, watch videos, call people, and probably a bunch of there stuff from the palm of your hand everywhere you go. If it would clean my house too I might want one...