Thursday, August 24, 2006

Plan B

I'm not really sure what happened over at the FDA, but they approved Plan B for over-the-counter sales. I just figured it would take a different president being in office for that to happened. But I am not complaining because it way past time to make Plan B available to all women. Which they really didn't because you have to be over 18 to buy it. But under age girls will have an easier time getting their hands on Plan B than securing parental consent or a judicial bypass for an abortion. So even with the age restriction, it is a good thing.

Naturally, on Faux (Fox) News they said it terminates pregnancy. What bullshit. You don't know you are pregnant the next day. You do know that it is a possibility and that you don't want to be so you take the morning after pill. Admittedly it has been a while since I took "Health" (my junior year in high school) but I was under the impression that it took a little longer than 72 hours for an egg to be fertilized and successful be implanted in the uterus (maybe only grrrl can help me out here). But no matter how the science of it all works, it is just a matter of time before super-religious pharmacists refuse to sell Plan B because it is against their moral code.


mad said...

I heard from a reliable source (I think it was the Daily Show) that we're entering the End of Days, so maybe the Christian conservatives are going, Aw what the hell, why not?

Only Grrrl said...

Basically, the morning after pill is like a big whopping dose of progesterone. It's like taking 5 birth control pills all at once. If you take Plan B and you're already knocked up, it does nothing. (read: it does not terminate an established pregnancy.) If you aren't pregnant, that tidal wave of hormone prevents a fertilized egg from implanting. It PREVENTS pregnancy.


pineapple said...

only grrrl: Thanks for the science lesson. I knew I wasn't real clear on the whole timeline about how long it really takes an egg to be fertilized and implanted (thus conception of pregnancy) but I did know that Plan B does not cause spontaneous abortion.

mad: it must be the End of Days, either because they haven't been complaining about Plan B or it will cause it.

Anonymous said...

The jaded liberal in me sees this as the bone thrown to placate the careworn dog right before the shotgun comes out. The current administration is certainly good at pointing the finger at the bright shiny object while surreptitiously chipping away at our freedom. The court's stacked to overturn Roe v Wade... *sigh*