Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Even the Mainstream Media is Snarky Sometimes

I'm not what sure what compelled me to click the link to this article but it was well worth it. Here is my favorite part of "Gibson Win Swayze Endorsement":

"Swayze is the first cast member of Dirty Dancing to publicly voice support of Gibson. There was no word on when Jennifer Grey or Cynthia Rhodes might weigh in.

Gibson, 50, did not star in Dirty Dancing or any other movie with Swayze.

It was unknown what Swayze's endorsement would mean to Gibson's plunging poll numbers, although, in general, ex-Dirty Dancing stars have not been considered vital to the forming of public opinion."


mad said...

I always depend on Patrick Swayze to help form opinions on world events. You might say he does my thinking for me.

pineapple said...

I think that is true for most enlightened people.