Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More about scuba diving in New Mexico

That's right I just can't quite drop this whole scuba diving in New Mexico. So, next time you are in Lovington, New Mexico you could try to visit Divers of New Mexico (like I tried to today) but they seem to be closed. I really wanted to talk to them about their scuba lessons. I was hoping to have a great story about how I got certified to scuba dive in New Mexico. But alas, there just weren't enough people that saw the irony to keep them in business.


mad said...

Closed as in closed for good? That's a shame because, I agree, that would be the kind of certificate you'd want to display prominently on the wall.

pineapple said...

All of the stuff is still in there. I'm going to ask the clerks at the courthouse what the deal is. It has now become a mission to scuba dive in New Mexico.