Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The miracle of life and other things Pineapple

For the past few days I have opted not to blog. Mostly because I have been busy, but also because I haven't seen much humor for the past few days. On Monday I turned 29. Today one of The Pineapple Cousins asked me "Again???" in a confused and accusatory tone. I'm just going to let that one pass... Anyway, Saturday I had friends over to celebrate another year of Pineapple. It was lots of fun and NO KEYS WERE LOST. On Sunday I met some Pineapple Friends for brunch and then a couple of hours later, The Pineapple Parents for a second breakfast. The plan for the rest of the day was to have lots of rest and relaxation. This was not to be. After a wonderful nap, my one true love and I decided to watch Laverne and Shirley make a mud pit and run around the backyard like lunatics. It was all very funny until everything went horribly wrong.

As The Ladies were racing through the yard, Laverne reached over and grabbed Shirley's collar and they went tumbling. The collar got wrapped around Laverne's mouth and Shirley couldn't breathe. I couldn't get the collar off so I ran inside and got the scissors. By the time my one true love could cut the collar off, Shirley had stopped breathing. Luckily we were able to revive her by winging CPR. I guess all those times asking if Annie was alright paid off. So the long and short of it is that I spent the beginning of this 29th year at the emergency vet with the miracle dog. The Pineapple Dad suggested we rename her Mercedes because she is so expensive. But if my dog is a Mercedes, I have no idea what that would make their dog. She is fine now and that is all that matters.


mad said...

Well, the year of being 29 (again) can only get better. So there was a happy ending to the day.

pineapple said...

The Pineapple Mom had a theory that I got all of the drama out of the way right at the beginning, so the rest of the year should be good.