Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Legion of Doom Update

If you don't know about The Legion of Doom, here is the short story. When I got my law license in 1999, it was signed by all of the members of the Texas State Supreme Court and every single one of them is an asshat. You might be saying: "I don't live in Texas, so why should I care what your evildoers are up to. We've got our own evildoers to worry about." Well, you may have your own evildoers to worry about, but these evildoers are wired into our asshat administration (i.e. Nathan Hecht, Priscilla Owen and Alberto Gonzales). You should be worried.

Here is the update on what a couple of these asshats are up to:
1. Nathan Hecht: You may remember him as Harriet Miers' ex-lover. Baby Boy Bush asked this asshat to work to get Ms. Miers appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Well, even the rabid republicans in Texas realized that his behavior was unethical and violated the Judicial Rules of Conduct. This in itself is amazing. He hired a really expensive attorney to represent him and when he got the bill he asked that the State of Texas pay him back! No one told him to hire an attorney that costs more than the average home in Texas. Well, his buddy Representative Tony Goolsby introduced a bill to do just that. However, Rep. Goolsby had the good sense to withdraw his bill when he discovered that Hecht's legal bills had already been paid via donations from some friends. It turns out these friends were big law firms (that frequently practice in front of the Supreme Court) and the total donations for the legal defense totaled $447,000. The legal bill he wanted the State of Texas to pay for was $330,000.

2. Alberto! I love to write about Alberto! At this point, the only thing that will stop this asshat from spreading the evil is sponateous combustion. Now F.B.I. director Robert S. Mueller III, has told the Senate that Alberto lied about the confrontation about the secret spying program that he testified about on Tueday. Alberto says it was a different program and not the N.S.A. program known as the Terrorist Surveillance Program (T.S.P.). Mueller and numerous other people that were present for the meetings say it is T.S.P. and not some "other program". Hello, perjury charges! Aren't you glad it is his job to uphold the law because he is doing an outstanding job!


Jill said...

I bow to you! I could not have said it any better! Then just yesterday I saw Rumy testify and he has the same memory lapse as the rest of the group! Ugh!

pineapple said...

Asshats. All of them.