Monday, August 20, 2007

Do All Republicans Hate Dogs?

There is a new trend in the Republican Party -- dog hating. Last time I checked dogs were man's best friend. I guess some people don't return that favor. Namely two Republican presidential candidates are not dog's best friend. I'm not naming names or anything, but...

Mitt Romney strapped his Irish Setter to the roof of his car for family vacations. I guess Mitt Romney was too cheap to board his dog or get a dog sitter. He claims his dog liked riding up there, but you know I bet a lot of kids would think it would be fun to ride on the roof of a car, too. Does that make it OK? No. That would be child abuse, just like strapping your dog to the roof of a station wagon is dog abuse. Dog hater.

Rudy Guilliani is all about discriminating against the owners of pit bulls and other "dangerous dogs". In 1999, he went so far to remove the hearing process in New YorK City to decide if a dog was "dangerous". So basically, they can decide your dog is dangerous without a hearing and order you to put your dog to sleep. Does that sound fair to you? I hate his version of America. Dog hater. Trust me, your little drop kick dog is way more dangerous than my American Bulldogs (my dogs are a breed that is targeted by BSL). And yet, in his world I should be required to have a $100,000 liability policy while the owner of some sketchy, biting, yappy 5 pound dog does not. Not even owner's of German Shepards have to carry that kind of insurance policy under his dangerous dog legislation and German Shepards are more likely to bite than a pit bull. And if someone decides my dogs are "dangerous", I don't even get the benefit of a hearing to defend my pets before the government orders me to put them to sleep. That makes me hate him more than he could possibly hate my dogs. Breed Specific Legislation is crap and ineffective. There is no evidence that dog bites have decreased where BSL has been enacted. This is because often times the dogs that are portrayed as being "dangerous" are not the dogs doing most of the biting. Dog hater.

So my question to you is, do you hate these dogs?

If so, you must be a Republican.


Evil Spock said...

Is Vick a Republican too?

Btw, sad to see that you didn't participate in the contest Pokopo . . .

pineapple said...

Obviously. Dog hating republican.

I wanted to enter the contest, but the Pineapple World spun out of control late last week and I never finished writing what I started. This is one lame Pokopo.

Pineapple Aunt said...

Your little LADIES are just sweethearts. I think they should put Vick to sleep without a hearing. Dog haters are BAD people.

pineapple said...

I'll second that!

kanawa said...

I'm sorry you feel this way. It doesn't help our dogs or our cause to lump all Republicans/conservatives into one basket because of the action of a couple of individuals.
I am a Canadian and a conservative but spend a good deal of time on where I maintain a Responsible Dog Ownership Ping List.
Personal responsibility and accountability, freedom to live with as little government interference as possible and respect for property rights are core conservative principles. All of which are arguments against BSL and for responsible ownership.
Does this mean all self-professed conservatives are anti-BSL? No, even those who should know better are caught up in the hysteria and call for banning.
Do I think all left-wingers are pro-BSL? No! Even at places like DemocraticUnderground that in my opinion is infested with kooks I still see people with rational opinions about the matter.
Anyway I hope you will see that this isn't the black and white situation that you envision.
Tom and Sam
PS if you'd like to see a story about me and my dog, google "tilley bear dog"

mad said...

Those have to be the happiest dogs ever. Must be the birds.

pineapple said...

kanawa: lighten up! Romney and Guiliani are republicans and not dog friendly, but it is called hyperbole. I know that not all republicans hate dogs.

mad: We rescued my ladies when they were itty bitty. They were wandering the street and were starved and abused. Obviously they came from a home of dog hating republicans (I'm kidding about the republican part for those of you without a sense of humor!). And yes, they love the birds!

Jill said...

It takes a good owner to make a good pet. I remember Nixon talking about his dog Checkers. To me, strapping a dog to the roof of a car is called animal cruelty. I will just have to stick with my dachsunds.

kanawa said...

"kanawa: lighten up!"

Okiedokie PP

All the Best,
Tom and Sam

capitol dave said...

It wasn't bad enough to hate gay people and poor people and minorities and such, the Republicans had to jump species and start hating dogs. It's a shame, really.

pineapple said...

jill: and bad people raise bad dogs, it has nothing to do with the breed.

kanawa: no hard feelings?

capitol dave:I guess they have enough hate to go 'round!

kanawa said...

kanawa: no hard feelings?

Heck no!
We're all on the same team when it comes to our dogs and advocating for responsible dog ownership