Thursday, August 16, 2007

More morons are breeding

It seems like it was just last week when I saw that some dummies in New Zealand were naming their baby "Superman" because the government rejected their orginal choice to name their child "4Real". Well, now there is a couple in China that wants to name their baby "@". That's right, like in the "@" you use in your email address. Apparently, when Mandarin speakers say "@" they use the English word "at", but the way they say it it sounds like "ai ta". This means "love him" in Chinese. So they want to name their baby after email because they love him? The Chinese government has strict rules about what you can name your child. Not a big suprise. In their effort to crack down on free thinking and stupid baby names, the Chinese government banned names using Arabic numerals, foreign languages and symbols that do not belong to Chinese minority languages. I find it hard to believe that "@" will pass muster. I do wonder what they will name their child as an alternative when the government rejects their child's stupid name?


mad said...

Maybe they'll name him Dot Com, which losely translated in Mandarin means WTF?

pineapple said...