Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Giant Lego Man

This Giant Lego Man was fished out of the sea off the shore of a resort called Zandvoort in the Netherlands. Some people saw this 8 foot Lego man floating in the water and decided to rescue it. Who wouldn't? So now the folks at Zandvoort have this cool Lego guy out on the beach by the drink stand. Unless they are all terribly high and there isn't a Lego man at all. But what I wonder is how do you lose your giant Lego Man in the ocean in the first place? Oh crap, I dropped my 8 foot Lego guy in the ocean and didn't notice until it was too late? Too strange.


Evil Spock said...

Perhaps he's a cursed sailor. He was turned into Lego by a jealous mermaid.

mad said...

He definitely jumped ship. If you were stuck in Legoland, wouldn't you?

pineapple said...

evil spock: I think that is likely.

mad: yes, I woulld.