Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jenna has a drinking buddy for life!

Yippee! It is all over the news here like we care who Jenna Bush marries. We are all so thrilled that she is marrying some republican suck up that interned for Karl Rove. Sounds like a real gem to me! The Bush twins are truly cherished in Austin. Hell, someone saw the Bush twins drinking at the Chuy's when they were underage and called the cops on them. That's how much we love those girls! After that little mishap (whoopsie!), the big question here was WWJD (What Would Jenna Drink)? That was quite the windfall for the lucky person that made the first t-shirts and bumper stickers. I mean who cared about what Jesus was doing when Jenna was drinking like a fish! I guess the new question is "What Would Jenna and Henry Drink?" Unfortunately, it isn't going to make a very catchy bumper sticker. Oh well. Botoms up, kids!


mad said...

Let's hope that if they do tie the knot, they don't procreate.

pineapple said...

if they do, it seems like they will have the dumbest kids ever.