Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Baby Superman, 4Real

There is this couple in New Zealand that decided to name their baby "4Real". For real. They chose this name because when they saw the ultrasound for the first time they realized the baby was for real. For real. I guess they thought it might not be for real because they couldn't see it yet? Well, the baby finally did come and they tried to register baby 4Real's name and it was rejected. Well, the fact that the government told these people that 4Real is not a for real name for a child is not going to stop them from calling this child 4Real. For real. I guess no one else has told them that this is a stupid name and that poor kid is going to find out when he starts school what a crap ass name his parents gave him. Since the government won't let them officially name their child 4Real, they are going to list his official name as "Superman" instead. This is most certainly a step up. I'm glad people like this are breeding. For real.


mad said...

I'm surprised that they didn't name the kid after a Lord of the Rings character. Or after some kind of sheep.

pineapple said...

Those are all good ideas for their pretend children, but this one was for real.