Monday, August 27, 2007

My Birthday Came A Day Early This Year

I didn't even make a birthday wish and all of these things have come true!

1. Ding Dong Alberto has resigned! It is always fun when a member of the Legion of Doom takes a dive. It is a little bittersweet because I have really enjoyed pointing out his shortcomings and crimes against America to the blogosphere and the ten people that read my blog. However, it looks like Baby Boy Bush is thinking to nominate Michael Chertoff as his replacement. More fodder my blog, to be sure. My buddy Alberto has done a spectacular job of destroying the Department of Justice. I don't think the dummy that played a huge part in destroying New Orleans can fix Alberto's mess. Maybe they can announce his nomination of the anniversary of Katrina. I look forward to how this all plays out. Here is the video of his announcement in case you missed it:

I would have posted Baby Boy Bush's response, but let's face it we are all so tired of him talking about how great Alberto is.

2. Michael Vick officially entered his guilty plea today. Dogs everywhere are wagging their tales little easier today. I do look forward to the state charges against him. And I am oh so impressed that when he made his statement this morning that he found Jesus. My question is, why is that people never find Jesus until after they screw up? And why didn't he apologize to the dogs he hurt and killed -- aren't they the victims, not the people that control his football career? You can decide how sorry you think he is:

3. And as the birthday celebration continues, I have planned a lunar eclipse just for you. But you have to get up really early to catch it because the partial eclipse begins at 4:51 a.m. EDT. The full eclipse will begin an hour later at 5:52 a.m. EDT. Enjoy my gift to the world! Here is a special picture with the schedule of my lunar eclipse so you will know what time to wake up according to where you live:

4. But the things that would make my birthday celebration complete would be a birthday cake and winning the $250 million jackpot. I'm thinking that the way things are going, that all of my dreams and wishes really will come true!


Jill said...

Happy Birthday! Now we'll have to put up with Alberto back in Texas? Gee what will George do? As for Vick, I agree with you. And why did he apologize and plead guilty? Cause he got caught! If nobody had found out, he'd still be doing it. He's not really sorry. And I wish all the media types, players and sports talking heads would quit saying he deserves a second chance. What about those dogs! Grr!!

Pineapple Aunt said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite Pineapple. With the Birthday Week starting out so well, we can only hope more birthday wishes come your way. How about you applying for Alberto's job????

Oh, as for Sick Vick, he did such a poor job with his "only" statement. I am only hoping you will start an internet petition to his dog loving judge so that he gets the full five years! I will be the first to sign.

Love You, Pineapple!

mad said...

Happy Birthday. May all your (other) wishes come true. btw, I saw the eclipse this morning (don't ask), but I thought it was a cloud in front of the moon. Heh.

pineapple said...

jill: thanks! maybe alberto will not recall where he is going and get lost on his way bacck to Texas. and I'm sure what Michael Vick is most sorry about is that he got caught, not that he did it.

pineapple aunt: thanks! I'm thinking about sending in my resume -- I am still looking for a job afterall. love you, too!

mad: thanks! I really do want to ask, but I wont...