Sunday, November 09, 2008

So, What Now?

Now that the election cycle is officially over (except in the states that still haven't called their senate races), I'm wondering what I am going to do with all of my spare time. I'm afraid that I'm looking at a case of post-election depression. I now say goodbye to Mayor McCheese and The Runner Up and wonder what I am going to focus on now. My first order of business was deleting the numerous half-finished blogs that I had written over the past few weeks. And you thought I was just blowing off my blog! I just didn't like what I had to say. Ironically, one of my potential posts was about the $150,000 wardrobe debacle. Turns out that it is more like $200,000 of now missing clothes. Speaking of missing, the Mayor has had the good sense to go home and steer clear of the mass movement of throwing Sarah Palin under the bus. Not that she did them any favors, but sore losers much?

One thing that came out of this election. We now know the answer posed in Iowa, who wins: Oprah or Chuck Norris? We got our answer. Oprah.

So now I decide what to do next. Since today marks the three year anniversary of The Pineapple Report, I think it is time to make some changes. That has been the theme since Tuesday night after all. I'm thinking about a new look, a new focus, and finally updating the "blogs i like". All of the things I have been putting off for the past three years. Who knows, maybe it will be the push I need to actually blog with more frequency. Ha ha ha ha! I have certainly missed the boat for that blogging-everyday-until-your-fingers-bleed-and-you-are-forced-to-start-blogging-about-how-you-have-nothing-to-blog-about for the month of November.

I do have big plans to "go back to my roots" to comment on the strange and wonderful world that produces giant lego men, little boys named Superman and 4Real, and little girls named Le-a (pronounced "Ledahsa"). But don't worry, I will still be "reporting" on important things like the wacky world of Texas politics (the new session starts in January) and the Obama girls' new puppy.


Huckdoll said... your description of NaBloPoMo! It's a good push though - I've posted more in 8 days than I did in the entire months of Oct, Sept and Aug...whew.

Looking forward to seeing you back here more often.

pineapple said...

huckdoll: glad you are back to blogging, too! I think once I get the new page all prettied up (what I have now is temporary) and sort through all of my links, I can start fresh with new sarcasm. It may also help that my addiction to John McCain's candidacy and constant stream of news has been cut off cold turkey.

mad said...

Hey, happy 3rd birthday. For a minute, I thought I'd landed in the wrong place.

pineapple said...

Thanks! I just got tired of how my page looked. I don't like this either. Change can be painful.