Friday, January 04, 2008

Chuck Norris v. Oprah Winfrey

It feels like we've been talking about who will be the next president for years. I guess it has been because I've been hoping for a new one since the Supreme Court handed Bush his hopefully last position of power. But finally something is happening. Iowa had it's caucus last night and New Hampshire is set for its primary on Tuesday.

I suppose the biggest news is that loony tune Huckabee took Iowa. But it seems like the Republicans of Iowa may have been under the thrall of Chuck Norris. It remains to be seen if his spell will capture the votes in other states. Or maybe it was that rockin' appearance on Jay Leno that did it for him. It is so hard to say. Of course Giuliani, the mayor of terror, isn't going to be in the mix until Florida and that it primaries away. Can Chuck Norris kick Giuliani's ass?

Iowa also let us know that we are ready for a black president and that we really aren't so ready for Hillary. Obama edged out front-runner Edwards; and Hillary, the candidate formerly known as the one to beat, came in turd -- I mean third. I'm certain I don't meet the criteria of of a younger voter, but I do see the appeal of Obama. Ever since I saw him speak on behalf of the Democrats after Bush's first State of the Union Address, I've kind of been under his thrall. I've been waiting for him to run for president for a long time and now it seems like it could really happen. Plus he's got the power of Oprah and that can only help his image of "the little guy really can change the world" thing that he's got going. Could this turn out to be a battle of Oprah vs. Chuck Norris?


mad said...

We still have something like 11 more months before the election!

pineapple said...

at least it is this year. it feels like these people have been trying to be president for years now!