Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Phone Spam

I'm not kidding. Phone spam. Did you know about phone spam, because I didn't until I got some. It really pissed me off so I called my wireless carrier to complain. Apparently, if you don't want phone spam you have to call the phone company to tell them to block it. I was told that outside companies can buy your number so they can send you text messages about all the great things that people spam you about on your email. When I complained about this policy the person told me that I would be surprised what people want on their phones. Well, I'm not. And I'm not impressed that "the new AT&T" is selling my phone number to online pharmacies. This is a bad policy. I have to pay to get crap on my phone? And why wasn't I notified that I could "opt out" before they started selling my number? It seems that this should be more of a thing that you can "opt in" for, not the reverse. If people liked spam, they wouldn't have named it after spiced ham in a can. Yuck. So, if you are not interested in getting this kind of crap on your phone, I highly recommend that you call your wireless provider and tell them to put a spam block on your phone.


mad said...

I could've sworn there was a federal law against that shit. That could get really expensive! So far, the only text spam I've gotten was from my own phone company. Bastards. At least I didn't get charged for it.

Huckdoll said...

Yes! I get phone spam from this one broad telling me I won a trip. If I pick up the phone, it's her in real time and if I let the VM pick up, it's her via automated message.

I've TALKED to her and said I wasn't intersted and SHE KEEPS CALLING!

Jill said...

Grrr! What about the no call list? We put all our phone numbers on it. We have not gotten any. But since it is not against the law for a company you have a "relationship" with to call I wonder???

pineapple said...

mad: don't worry, they have sold your number to some other asshole that will spam you.

huckdoll: I don't know what your laws arelike up in Canada, but you should find out who she is and report her company to whoever it is that regulates that. If we all just let it happen, nothing will ever change. This weekend I plan on doing some letter writing to the FCC, my senators, my useless congressman, my former congressman that rocks, the local papers and anyone else I can think of. I will show them spam!

jill: apparently being on the no call list doesn't include spam text messages. I guess technically, they didn't call me. bastards.