Thursday, January 17, 2008

UFOs in Stephenville!

I mean if you were from another planet, the top spot on your vacation list is absolutely going to be Stephenville, Texas. Erath County is the top destination for all the jet-setting aliens this year! Or so say many residents of Stephenville. Apparently, the UFO they have spotted is silent, has lights, is faster than a speeding bullet and is bigger than a Wal-Mart. There are reports of the sighting from dozens of town residents (including a pilot and a cop)! Of course, the military is poo-pooing their sighting. But Stephenville is not the only hot vacation spot for these aliens -- they were in Chicago last year for their holiday. Last year's sighting was reported by 12 United pilots at O'Hare.


mad said...

I saw some guy's video of it on CNN, so it must be true! They should visited Midland or Garden City instead, though.

pineapple said...

duh. of course it is true -- they said it was bigger than a Wal-Mart and a pilot and a cop saw it. Who needs more evidence than that??? But I guess the aliens heard that there isn't a garden in Garden City. Of course, there is always next year's vacation.