Sunday, January 20, 2008

Michael Bloomberg is NOT Running For President

Uh huh. If he says so. That's why he came to Austin to get his picture taken with Lance Armstrong. Because the mayor of New York often has business to take care of in Austin, Texas and hanging out with the guy that won the Tour de France 1000 times will make New York a better city. You know, they don't have cancer or cancer centers in New York. That must be why he had to come here, to study cancer. That and his other important New York business that is here. For example, he was also meeting with Clay Mulford during his trip to Austin. We all know that Clay Mulford is pivotal to conducting mayoral business -- not to running third party candidate presidential campaigns. It is the normal course of business to a mayor of New York to meet with Ross Perot's campaign manager. I'm sure they were discussing New York business and not Bloomberg's viability as a presidential candidate. So once he finished up his very important New York business here, he jetted off to California for more important New York business. There is often a lot of important New York business in California, don't you know?. There he got his picture taken with "The Governator" and talked about highways. He went all the way to California to talk about highways? I guess they don't have those in New York either. All in all, it sounds like a very educational trip for Bloomberg and not at all any indication that he is thinking about running for president. I am so glad we got that all cleared up.


Jill said...

Reminds me of the Pace commercial- New York City?! Get a rope.

pineapple said...