Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gobble Gobble, Ya'll!

As I finally recover from The Great Pineapple Headache of 2008, I find that I have missed out on posting some funny blogs. I mean, how about Cheney and my dear, dear friend Alberto Gonzales being indicted! The hilarious part of that story is that the district attorney of that county is under indictment as well yet he continues to prosecute criminals. I guess it really does take criminal to know a criminal! They are all about throwing stones in glass houses in Willacy County, Texas.

Then there is Sarah Palin. She truly is the gift that keeps on giving. And that is a good thing when we are knee deep in recession. But the best part about her, is that we can really just laugh at her without that fear that she might end up in D.C on January 20th. I fully expect that her popularity will fade well before 2012, so these presidential hopes are just a ridiculous pipe dream. I think the republican governor's convention gives some weight to this theory. This downward trend in her popularity will continue especially if she gives more press conferences with animals being butchered just a few feet behind her. Next stop, the moose burger factory!

And the current president has his own turkey story just in time for the holiday. Not only is he a turkey, but he pardons them too. Well, just one. However, it turns out that they groom a number of turkeys for the presidential pardon and the turkeys that didn't make the cut this year will soon be featured in a subway sandwich near you. Seriously. Makes me glad that I don't eat turkey (or at subway for that matter)! If I did eat turkey (or at subway), just knowing that they train certain turkeys to interact with humans and then turn them into sandwiches would make me think twice about it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and gobble gobble, ya'll!

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