Thursday, November 27, 2008

What This Pineapple Is Thankful For

1. I am thankful that we have a smart president. Seriously, it has been hard on me to know that someone that can't even pronounce the word was in charge of the weapons. Hey, Asshat! It is Nu-cle-ar, not Nu-cu-lur. You only had eight years to learn that word.

2. I am thankful that I am not eating at Subway today. I don't want to eat trained turkeys. Actually, I don't want to eat turkey at all. We can all thank ASTRO for that. Due to a medical condition, the Pineapple family dog has to eat turkey and rice everyday. After a while, you associate turkey as being dog food. Do you want to eat dog food for Thanksgiving? I don't.

3. I am thankful that I don't have The Great Pineapple Headache of 2008 anymore. Eight is enough! Especially when you are talking about how many days you have a headache (or how many years Baby Boy Bush was POTUS). It really put a damper on the James Bond movie. I'm not exactly sure what happened. How I was the only one that walked out of there knowing that James Bond drives eco-friendly cars now is a mystery. But no matter how much I love the Pineapple Dad, I will never again celebrate his birthday by watching a really loud movie with a headache like that.

4. But they thing I am most thankful for is Sarah Palin. Like I said yesterday, she really is the gift that keeps on giving. And you will be reminded of that today as you watch the parade, the dog show, and football. Mostly because the Our Country PAC is running this ad:

Personally, I am grateful for the $150,000 wardrobe, the Katie Couric interview, that she could see Russia from her house, that Tina Fey came back to SNL just to be Sarah Palin, Palin Bingo, and for the Great Turkey Slaughter of 2008.


mad said...

You're feeling better? That was a long headache. Glad you're better. I worry about you.

pineapple said...

you're telling me. people would ask if they could do something for me. when i asked if they knew anything about decapitation, they would laugh. i was not kidding.