Monday, November 03, 2008

We Are Just Hours Away

It was just a little under a week ago that I was in Obama-land. The whole time I was there I was thinking two things. One, that I wished I was going to be there on election night. Sadly, I did not win the front row tickets for the election night rally. And second, I was wondering how the people up in Chicago were ever going to figure out who they are supposed to vote for. Because I live in such a completely red state, it isn't very often that big money candidates run lots and lots of attack ads against one another. Up in Obama-land, all of the candidates are running nasty attack ads about how their opponent was involved in some scandal/committed some crime/voted with Bush. Sometimes all of the above. And then the next ad was their opponent accusing them of the same things. Good luck on Tuesday, Reba and Lauri! You are going to need it when you wade through that long ballot.

Now that I am back in Texas, I am subjected to few ads. Mostly, I see John Cornyn standing in front of a canyon or on a ranch telling me how conservative he is. These ads also explain why he did not ever write me back -- because he likes to stand around in front of canyons and on ranches. Although I felt very hopeful the other day when I actually saw a Barack Obama ad on the TV. Of course, it was on the same channel where I saw that Shannon Bennett of Austin, Texas, had to paint the Obama logo in her front yard because some jerks kept stealing her Obama yard sign. I have also had another small glimmer of hope because a family member that is a Republican is voting for Obama. Could there be more?

And it isn't just up there in Illinois that there are some heated races. It is all over the country. Not only is the presidential race tight; so are a lot of House, Senate, and local seats. This means that your vote counts. A lot. Not only should you vote, but you should get your friends, family and neighbors to vote. Make some calls, send some emails and text messages, change your facebook status, offer to give rides to the polls. Whatever you have to do to get them out there.


mad said...

I saw a little clip of the woman painting an Obama logo on her lawn and I thought of you. Heh, didn't know you were Chicago, I woulda had you pick me up a dip dish pizza or something.

Jill said...

Chicago? I hope the election wakes the elected people up. For too many years we elect people who get to Washington and well- we all know what happens next. I really hope History will be made here and may God protect him and our country.

pineapple said...

mad: i wish I had thought about painting the obama logo on my yard. we had talked about doing some yard art, but never thought about that.

jill: I think they are awake now!