Thursday, July 27, 2006

Off to different parts of the world (and off my rocker)

For months I have had this big project looming over my head that was on and then it was off, it was on and then it was off. You get the point. Well, now it is back on. I've been in Houston working out of this awful building all week. I think the people that designed the elevator system were total speed demons or related to M. C. Escher. I am not really sure why I have to take three different elevators and an escalator just to get to the floor I'm working on. And the big question is why I can get back down on only two elevators. Do you see the design flaw?

So, starting on Sunday I am off to different parts of Texas and New Mexico. And, for once, I will have help. Did I mention that this was a BIG project? Or that I don't have enough help? I will be in exile for two weeks (not even home for the weekend). And then if things stay on, I will be up in the most glamorous parts of New Mexico and the Panhandle until the end of September.

Let the new adventure begin!


mad said...

I swear, you're living a Haruki Murakami novel, only in Texas/New Mexico. My fave is The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.

pineapple said...

You make my life sound so much more interesting than it really is.