Monday, July 10, 2006

Barbie has a new dream car!

I spent the day in lovely Hallettsville today.  The best thing about the trip was a fun car I got to drive.  I've been driving my mom's car since mine died.  Her car needed to go in for maintenance and they give you a loner car.  You know, to rope you into buying a new and better car than they one they are fixing.  Let's just say that the new BMW X3 goes really fast.

So, with the exception of pretending that I was on the autobahn today it was pretty uninteresting.  That is, until I got back to Austin.  That is when I saw Barbie's new dream car.  She drives a pink H2 Hummer with pretty, pretty flowers and her name on it.  Seeing the back of this car just wasn't enough, so I pulled up next to it.  Naturally, it was full of unnatural blondes.  And just my luck! The windows were rolled down!  At the next stop light, I rolled down my window and asked if they were giving away free Barbie products.  That was when I got four looks of death.  I thought it might be like the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile.  Apparently Barbie doesn't give away anything for free.  I guess Ken will always have to pay for not being anatomically correct.


mad said...

Barbie Drives a Hummer. Sounds like the title of an X-rated movie. BTW, where's the dealership that gives you a BMW X3 as a loaner?

pineapple said...

I thought the same think, I guess dirty minds think alike.

As for the car, I've been driving my mom's 1995 318 until I figure out my car situation. It needed some things fixed and the BMW dealership gives you a loaner. I won the loaner lottery that day. Getting a 2006 X3 is quite the upgrade. But now that I have the 318 back it doesn't seem as nice as it did when I first borrowed it. I'm a spoiled brat.