Friday, December 16, 2005

winning the war on christmas

It may seem like I am a little obsessed about the media-made war on Christmas. Well, first I'd like to thank that gas bag Bill O'Reilly for getting this all started. I have an addiction. I am obsessed.

So, there are some people winning the war on Christmas. We can just skip over the fact that they are waging war on the Constitution. But Jesus would want that. I went to Halletsville earlier this week and discovered that they never got the memo about the separation of Church and State or that there is a war on Christmas. When I got out of the car I was greeted with the soothing sounds of songs about the baby Jesus being piped from the tower of the courthouse. Ba rump ba bump bum. Then I see the best Christmas decoration ever -- a tribute to the Twelve Days of Christmas. As the sign reminded me that the song is based on the Christian faith, I knew that Halletsville had won the war on Christmas.

Another soldier winning the war is BJ Sintay. You can control his Christmas lights from your own home. This is really good for those of us too lazy, too busy, or just too cheap to put up our own. Now we can get the Christmas spirit by messing with someone else's lights. Wheee!

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