Wednesday, December 07, 2005

what's up with those wacky germans?

So first I read about this German guy with really dirty teeth . I mean why else would you need to steal 39 tubes of toothpaste? Does anybody even have a medicine cabinet that would hold that much toothpaste?

Then there was this drunk that fell asleep in the dumpster. He would have been killed by the garbage truck's hydraulic press but the truck driver needed to stop for a pee .

Of course there is the "ostalgie" that went too far. I suppose it is in bad taste to name a shower gel after Erich Honecker, but I think I want some.

But it gets even worse. This German guy got fined for biting a waitress on the toe . Usually when I get a shitty waitress I give her a shitty tip. Or sometimes a note that starts with the line "here's a tip..."

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